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8 Common Hazards in The Office

8 Common Hazards in The Office

The office is often thought of as a low-risk workplace, but that doesn’t mean any, and you neglect your duty to protect your safety and health. The office still contains potential hazards, which need to be monitored and controlled.

1/ Danger of slipping, falling, tripping hazards

1/ Danger of slipping, falling, tripping hazards

Slips, trips, falls, and falls include wet floors, tripping ropes, uneven floor surfaces, and messy furniture.

To prevent mishaps in the office, you need to immediately tidy up all equipment, post signs, or hazard signs in areas that are being cleaned or repaired.

The aisles in the office should be kept clean, avoiding the messy arrangement of furniture that can create danger when moving.

Power cords and telephones should also be neatly arranged, not stretched on the aisle. Carpets and floors should not be warped.

2/ Risk of diseases of bones, joints, spine

Office workers spend many hours each day sitting at their desks. This leads to diseases of the bones, joints, and spine related to poor posture and repetitive movements. These types of diseases are hidden dangers, very difficult to detect.

To prevent this disease, the company should provide tables and chairs with adjustable heights, to suit each employee. In addition, the company can post illustrated instructions for employees to use them and practice the most beneficial sitting posture.

Here, Office Saigon would like to guide you in a few ways to get a good sitting posture for bones, joints, and spine:

• Place the chair, keyboard, and monitor in a straight line with your body.

• Sit up straight, adjust the chair for firm back support.

• Adjust the height of the chair so that your feet are firmly on the ground.

• Keep your elbow at a 90-degree angle while typing or using a mouse.

3/ Risk of eye disease

Office workers spend most of the day in front of a computer screen. This could be the cause of eye strain. Eyes can become dry and irritated, and employees may begin to have trouble concentrating.

To reduce eye strain, you can place the monitor below eye level, reduce screen glare, and increase the computer font size. In particular, you should take a 10-minute break after every hour of continuous work with the computer.

4/ Danger of fire safety hazard

Offices often have potential risks of fire and explosion due to old buildings, opening short circuits, overload when using many electrical devices at the same time without equipment to ensure electrical safety, protection, and circuit breakers when something goes wrong.

To prevent hazards in this office, electrical wires in the office should be checked regularly and replaced if they are exposed or broken. Electrical equipment should never be used without quality assurance, old and rusty. The power cord should not be too long and do not plug multiple electrical devices into one electrical outlet, because the outlet may be overloaded, short-circuited, and cause a fire or explosion.

It is also important that employees are trained on what to do if a fire occurs.

5/ Risk of infectious disease hazard

5/ Risk of infectious disease hazard

Influenza and cold viruses are some of the health problems that are easily encountered when working in a cold air-conditioned environment. In which the office environment is one of the easiest places to spread and spread. From co-workers or people visiting your workplace infected with cough or sneeze, their cold or flu virus will be airborne and stay in the air for about an hour. If another person breathes in the air carrying cold or flu drops, they can contract the virus.

Therefore, the way to prevent the spread of flu and cold viruses in the workplace is to avoid contact with people who have colds.

6/ Risk of respiratory disease

Poor indoor air quality is a contributing cause of asthma and other respiratory disorders. Some of the reasons for poor air quality are inadequate ventilation, overcrowded offices, high humidity that promotes mold growth, poor hygiene leading to a dirty work environment.

Office air quality can be improved by regularly maintaining, cleaning, and filtering ventilation and air conditioning systems. Clean the office to prevent the accumulation of dust, pollen, dirt on all surfaces, especially in carpets. This will help reduce respiratory irritants, infections, and illnesses.

7/ Danger of electric shock

Almost everything in an office setting these days operates on electricity. Electrical equipment used in the office has the potential to cause an accident in the office and can cause serious electric shock and burns if used or stored incorrectly.

If part of the body comes into contact with an electrical circuit, a shock will occur. The electric current will enter the body causing pain, burns, destruction of tissues, nerves, and muscles, and even death.

Here are some important tips to avoid electric shock hazards:

• Use grounded or insulated equipment.

• Do not overload electrical equipment

• Do not plug multi-socket bars into other multi-socket bars

• Minimize use of extension cords

• Do not cover electrical cords or extension cords with carpets or mats

• Do not run power cords through pedestrian crossings

• Unplug or disconnect the machine before servicing or repairing

• Do not ignore warning signs. If a device becomes hot, makes unusual noises, unplug it and take it out immediately and tag it “Not Used”

• Check cords and equipment regularly and report any faults immediately

• Unplug the cord from the outlet by clamping the plug. Don’t pull the rope

• Do not use electrical equipment or equipment near water or wet surfaces

• Never use electrical equipment with wet hands or devices

8/ Risk of Stress

Stress can be a cause of negative mental, physical, behavioral, and emotional stimuli. They affect the way you feel, think, and act… Stress and other mental health problems often arise when work pressure is too high or too low.

To overcome it, you need to talk to your manager about the pressures of work you are experiencing.

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