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7 Expert Recommendations on Finding the Right Office Space For Your Startup

7 Expert Recommendations on Finding the Right Office Space For Your Startup

Finding and leasing knowledgeable office space that both meets your needs and your budget is both exciting and stressful for beginning entrepreneurs, often mostly the latter. But it doesn’t have to be. Here are the top seven tips for finding the perfect office space for your startup:

1. Know how much office space you need.

1. Know how much office space you need.
Typically, a good rule of thumb is budgeting for about 1,000 square feet for every four to six employees.

2. Be considerate of your employees.

Map out where your employees live and, from there, hunt down an office space that’s relatively convenient for every to visit on a daily basis. Coming up with a centralized location is the most important consideration in the process. If you make it easy for everyone to get there, you’ll retain more talent, existing and future.”

3. Be open to subleasing an office.

If you’re just starting to pull in revenue, but you’re not profitable, you might not have enough in the bank to convince a landlord to rent a commercial space to you for longer periods of time. If this is often the case for you, we propose you sublease your first office space. Shorter-term subleases are often month to month and, more rarely, week to week. Some can also last a single year.

4. Work with an agent people you trust recommend in the office space.

4. Work with an agent people you trust recommend in the office space.
Err on the side of caution and don’t work with an agent who has never successfully found an office space for someone you know. Similar to once you move somewhere new and look for a replacement doctor, you wouldn’t want to go away something this important up to chance.
Once you’ve curved up personal recommendations, if you feel it’s necessary, do some additional homework. Look up the agents on LinkedIn and Zillow and see what former clients are saying about them online.

5. Consider setting up shop at a co-working space.

This is likely your best bet if you’re working with a decent budget and need a versatile, lower-cost arrangement.
Depending on the precise co-working location, you’ll rent a variety of spaces — from team-friendly environments to dedicated individual desks, to entire meeting rooms — on an hourly, weekly, or monthly basis, or even indefinitely.

6. Make sure you don’t end up with an awful landlord when renting an office space.

6. Make sure you don’t end up with an awful landlord when renting an office space.
Bad landlords are right up there with bad bosses. They can make your life — and therefore the lives of your employees — miserable. To ensure you finish up with a landlord who is professional and plays fair, ask tenants within the building (or co-working arrangement) you’re considering renting space in.

7. Know that everything’s negotiable, even rent.

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to nailing down an office space. For example, just because the rent for an office is listed as $5,000 a month doesn’t mean it’s actually $5,000 a month. You should always negotiate the rent down between 5 to 20 percent below the listed price. You’d be surprised how much people are willing to go down.

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