5 tips to help your team work effectively after Tet holiday

5 tips to help your team work effectively after Tet holiday

The most important challenge at work on vacation is: How can we be productive and still meet our goals between all the celebrations? Not being able to answer this demand may mean revenue losses, but what can managers do to maintain the team’s growth after the Tet holiday approaches? A lot, as it turns out:

1. Maintain the festive atmosphere of the season

Keep this office management secret in mind: A happy worker is a productive employee. Everyone is in a more festive mood after the Tet holiday period, so don’t go against it but encourage it instead! Keeping a happy and gentle working atmosphere can appreciate the employees’ self-esteem, thereby making them more motivated to work. Don’t be the one to spoil their holiday spirit, uplift them and show them you’re one with them during the celebration. You will soon find that your employees will be more willing to do their jobs and maybe even go further to do them.

2. Achievement rewards to team

The good mood of the season makes it the best time to celebrate all that the team has achieved during the year. Recognizing the hard work of employees will put people in a good mood and a great motivation for them to better complete their tasks. Treating your team doesn’t even require you to spend that much – a simple mark to celebrate a job well done is sometimes all it takes to put a smile on the mold. worker’s face. For even greater feats, treat your team to a meal at the restaurant – just remember to make the meal more special so they feel appreciated and rewarded for their efforts. their force.

3. Prioritize and strategize

Some business days may be cut short to make room for New Year celebrations. First, figure out which tasks need immediate attention and prioritize them. Amounts that can be deferred until after CNY should be left as is. Next, set clear goals and deadlines for these activities to make sure everyone can focus on their responsibilities. Emphasize the importance of working on your goals and keeping everyone up to date to help team members stay productive.

4. Approach and communicate with each other

Encourage openness and team communication to see if everyone is on the same page. Perhaps one or two members are having trouble realizing their goals – by calling on people to voice their concerns, the team can make a plan to achieve the goal without missing out. anyone. Get close to your employees and make them see that you are ready and ready to listen to their needs. Scheduling a weekly update can do the magic of maintaining team productivity throughout the season.

5. Give the team the gift of productivity

Since it’s gift season anyway, why don’t you give office items as gifts to your group? Ask them what tools they need to make them more effective at work. If you are ready, you can also inventory the machines in your office and replace those that need upgrades. Yes, yes it will require you to free your money but nonetheless, you’ll be rewarded by a more efficient team so it’s worth it in the end. Plus, it’s great to welcome the new year with something new around the office, right? Think of it as investments that will take your company to even greater heights.

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