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5 Notes In Office Lease Contract

5 Notes In Office Lease Contract

One of the important issues in the office lease contract is to ensure the interests, rights, and obligations of both the lessee and the lessor. In order to avoid being “lost money”, focusing on the legal cycle, the following notes about office lease contracts will more or fewer help businesses avoid significant mistakes.

The object of the office lease contract to be signed

The object of the office lease contract to be signed

The office lease contract is a document that sets forth the provisions and bindings between the lessee and the lessor. The object of the lease here is exactly the office to be rented. Therefore, the office lease contract must describe in detail with accurate data on length, width, and area including shared and private use areas, where it is located, and other equipment. if any.

In addition, the office lease contract includes 2 legal entities, one is the lessee and the other is the office leasing unit, recording the regulations and bindings between the two parties during the office leasing process. takes place. This contract needs to be agreed upon by both parties and will be made in 2 copies, each party keeps one copy and has the same legal validity.

Most of us have to rely on service parties such as lawyers or the legal department of rental consulting units to get a complete contract and minimize possible risks.

Legal issues in the office lease contract

In order for an office lease contract to be completed and signed, it is necessary to determine that the office building for the lease must fulfill all legal requirements and have the leasing function as prescribed in the documents. Legal provisions.

Office lease term:

In many different rental cases, the short-term or long-term office lease term will be clearly specified under the contract of both parties. This is also one of the ways to ensure in case the operation fails, many business owners choose to rent for a short time, so they will not have to spend a large amount of money when they do not need it. use anymore. Besides, long-standing businesses will often find themselves in a prime location and rarely change.

And with the current reality, it is not easy to find a place that agrees to rent an office in a short time, most of the buildings do not accept leases with a term of less than 1 year.

How to calculate the area and price of office space for rent

How to calculate the area and price of office space for rent

Most office leases will provide a rent calculation based on the number of square meters of rental space. Therefore, if the office you rent has a small area but it is effective for your company because it can make full use of and rationalize that space. However, this price can cause unnecessary confusion because it will probably include unused spaces such as corridors, and elevator areas, so you need to pay attention to this.

Documents proving property from the building owner

In addition to the existing office lease contract, you should also pay attention to the legal documents proving the ownership of the building investor, or the legal use certificate of the lessor.

This is to ensure that you are renting an office from the correct owner or a business that has the legal right to lease office space. Limit the troubles arising later in the rental process such as:

Avoid disputes with third parties when renting an office
Avoid being scammed, renting the wrong office with the investor/unit exploiting the building’s office rental service

Legal contents, permission to use in the office lease contract

When renting an office, sometimes tenants often only pay attention to the amount of rent they have to spend but do not care about whether the benefits they enjoy are commensurate with that amount or not. Business owners before deciding to sign a contract should carefully consider other terms besides the main rent because there will be many additional fees attached.

Some buildings accept electricity and maintenance bills for public areas, but others do not. For example, some buildings will not allow overtime, overtime, etc. These provisions will sometimes not be suitable for businesses that often need to work overtime.

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