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5 Experiences When Renting a Sharing Office

5 Experiences When Renting a Sharing Office

Memorize the following 5 life-long experiences in renting a sharing office – the key to your success.

Sharing office market “on the throne”

Sharing office market "on the throne"
The office real estate market in Vietnam, specifically the sharing office model, has made great strides in recent years. In which, the sharing offices in Ho Chi Minh City are chosen by many businesses.
With the development of technology platforms as well as online marketing, the number of young startups entering the market is increasing, the number of Freelancers has increased sharply. At the same time, legal regulations are increasingly creating favorable conditions for the economy, prompting many foreign companies to pour investment capital into Vietnam. These factors have facilitated the development of the sharing office model.

Benefits of a sharing office

A sharing office is a type of service where businesses can use the same workspace as well as accompanying utilities. From there, you can share the cost burden and still enjoy the convenience of a real office. Therefore, a sharing office helps businesses:

  • Maximum savings on the cost of renting premises, rooms, machinery, and equipment.
  • Freedom and flexibility in arranging the working time for employees.
  • The working address is located in a prime and important area in the city.
  • Easily switch business regions if there is a branch change.
  • Increase professionalism in the eyes of partners.
  • Reduce and optimize human resources for businesses.
  • Easily connect and expand relationships to new communities.

5 experiences when renting a sharing office

5 experiences when renting a sharing office
Frankly discuss with the owner of the sharing office

Clarify your needs with your sharing office space in a frank discussion. During the exchange, do not only focus on your own interests but also observe the investor’s side. A spirit of cooperation will make it easier for both parties to clearly define each other’s intentions. To make the relationship between you and the lessor more trusting and professional, proactively mention the payment in cash as soon as possible.

Check to see if you are close to your competitors?

The most ironic thing is when your business has to sit with your competitor’s business. If you and your partner are both targeting the same customer, while both belong to two different businesses, inevitably awkward feelings are inevitable for both parties. Moreover, you and your colleagues cannot freely discuss and discuss your plans right in the office anymore. Therefore, this is the “bloody experience” that businesses when renting a sharing office must be extremely careful!

Culture when using a sharing office

On the side of your business, you can review and re-evaluate, whether your daily working style affects the people around you or not? If your staff has certain breaks such as chatting, playing games, reading books, etc., can it cause conflicts with other employees? Please consider with an objective perspective to avoid inconvenience to others.

Check the space, the seats to be rented

It would be remiss if you didn’t check the workstations thoroughly and review the prices during the negotiation process. What does the rental package include, does it count the costs incurred (this is especially important when you rent a cheap sharing office), the strength of Wifi, the interior is full or not. Does the office have lively, youthful decorations? Is the office airy and full of trees?…

“The contract is the beginning of the story”

Always remember one rule: no matter how close you are, what protects your business interests is a black-and-white paper contract, not a friendship.” Be sure to have a specific and clear rental agreement between both parties, which reads and notes all terms carefully. Who knows when the relationship between the two sides is broken? And what protects you is the contract!
Sharing office service is the optimal solution for many different business models. Because of the great demand, the supply also sprang up like mushrooms, among them, there are many “fake” service providers. If you are inexperienced in the field of renting a sharing office, a mistake in choosing a rental will affect the development potential of your business extremely heavily.

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