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5 Experiences When Renting a Coworking Space

5 Experiences When Renting a Coworking Space

A shared office, also known as a co-working space or rental of working seats, is no longer a strange concept in Vietnam today. This is one of the optimal solutions chosen by more than 80% of business objects.

What is a coworking space?

What is a coworking space?
Coworking space – Coworking space is simply understood as a coworking space office model, which provides users with a workspace with full functions of a professional office. This is considered an effective office solution for individuals and organizations to jointly own and share office costs.
According to data from JLL Vietnam, new office rental requests in 2019 increased by 30% compared to the same period last year, and tend to increase more strongly in 2020. As CEO of small and medium-sized enterprises. The minimum cost of renting an office space of 40m2 in the central area is from 27-40 million VND/month. Meanwhile, if you rent an office in the form of co. working or official, the price is much cheaper, about 20-30 million / month.

Who should rent a Shared Office – Co-working

With such facilities, who should rent a shared office? This model will be suitable for individuals and businesses who want to rent a comfortable, modern office at a reasonable cost, specifically the following subjects:

  • Small businesses (size 3 to 5 people)
  • Freelancers (freelancers…)
  • Start-ups/individuals preparing or just starting a business

What experience is needed to rent an optimal co-working space?

1. Convenient office location:

Finding and choosing an office location is the first factor that businesses need to pay attention to, and a good Co-working office location should be located in a convenient location, saving time for employees’ travel. Depending on the job requirements of each individual and business to choose the appropriate position. With the specificity of businesses that need to promote their brand, often deal with partners and customers, they should choose an office location near the center, where there is a lot of traffic so that customers can easily find the office. On the contrary, if your job is more inclined to work remotely, with little or no meeting and exchange with customers, you just need to choose a workspace that is convenient for commuting and ensure equipment so you can be productive.

2. Comfortable, inspiring working space:

2. Comfortable, inspiring working space:

There is no denying that the workspace has a big influence on your work performance. Try to imagine that every day you are working in an environment full of light, color, the office space is decorated in a unique way that will bring you more inspiration to work instead of designs of the traditional office. Co-working space easily brings that and you can choose the space that best suits your personality and work characteristics, I believe that work efficiency will be multiplied when you are comfortable in the morning. Create in your favorite space.

3. Expenses in line with the business’s budget

The story of the cost of renting a Co-working office is always a challenge for you, if you are simply a freelancer, renting a fixed working corner may not be too much. However, for startups, operating costs for businesses are not a small problem. And whether you like it or not, the cost is still an issue that needs to be carefully considered, choose a place with a suitable price so as not to affect your finances. The fact that freelancers, young people preparing to start a business, finance is very important, should not be squandered, right?

4. Modern equipment to meet work requirements

To evaluate the service quality of a standard co-working space, of course, the equipment factor cannot be ignored. Basic facilities such as desks and chairs, projectors, air conditioners, printers, and phones are the minimum tools needed to work efficiently and without interruption. In addition, other convenient services at co-working include:

  • Trading address
  • Professional receptionist/security guard
  • Guaranteed working electricity 24/7
  • Drinking water (tea, coffee, filtered water)
  • Secure Internet
  • Can use shared office equipment such as fax machines, copiers, scanners
  • Modern common meeting room: projector, WIFI
  • Audio/video system, International call with package charge/month

5. Negotiate clear terms with the lessor of the shared office – Co-working

Everything is clearly and specifically agreed from the beginning, in addition to limiting the bad arising during the rental process, it also shows the professionalism in your way of working. A fully legal contract with clear terms will never be superfluous, it helps you avoid unnecessary disputes as well as create a basis for ensuring long-term development.

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