3 Tips to Help You Work Effectively

3 Tips to Help You Work Effectively

You always have a “headache” with a lot of work but still haven’t solved it, let alone achieved success. One of the biggest reasons is that you don’t know how to work effectively.

Invest in inspiring workspaces

Invest in inspiring workspaces

One of the things that are always “pinned” at the top of the list of tips to help you work effectively, is to improve your workspace. Each profession or field is different, there will be specific work characteristics. And this also has a certain effect on the layout of the workspace. But in general, an effective workspace still needs to inspire its owners.
A simple change of space can be done by adding a few small bonsai, rearranging documents, removing unnecessary items, opening a piece of music, hanging a few pictures, etc. Or maybe create a more open space for yourself, making it easier to communicate with colleagues if you are feeling stuck in your “squares”.

The trick is simple and quick, but it will help a lot if you are not satisfied with the surrounding space and need more new ideas and motivation to work.

Simple planning of things to do

Not everyone has the habit of organizing and managing their time as well as their work in a scientific way. Maybe you like freedom, comfort and your work does not need to be restrained. But if you still occasionally forget things, miss deadlines, etc., making things more confusing, then maybe it’s time to make a work plan for yourself.

The planning of work is not too cumbersome like buying a whole notebook, a calendar, and a dozen pens to draw, draw, take notes, etc. If you do not have a habit and have no interest in taking notes, Please make them as compact as possible.
Simply pick up your phone, highlight your to-dos in your notes or calendar, or even set an alarm for those things. Use small pieces of paper, write them down and stick them in the most visible places. The tasks that need to be prioritized first to come first and so on. It doesn’t take too much time, but it’s very effective.

Move and relax more while working

Move and relax more while working

Sitting at the office, don’t think that “the rain does not reach the face, the sun does not reach the head”, health will not be affected. With 8 hours of work, you have “packed” yourself, not exactly lazy but the fact that not many offices have a separate space for their employees to exercise or relax. Most will spend all 8 hours on computers, papers or books, …

While, movement, changing posture, or working atmosphere will make you more prone to joint pain, poor metabolism, slow brain function, etc. These things not only affect the quality of work but also affects health.

A comfortable spirit and good health will create excitement to work effectively. You can completely spend a few tens of seconds looking away from the computer every 1 hour of work. Or right from the beginning, sit in the right posture such as straightening your back, not crossing your legs, using pillows to prop yourself up, simple swinging and stretching movements can be done right on a chair, get up and go get yourself a glass of water, etc.

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