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10 Ways to Behave in Communication in The Workplace

10 Ways to Behave in Communication in The Workplace

Communication plays an extremely important role in today’s life, especially in the office environment (workplace). Every day, 8 hours at the office, you have to communicate with leaders, colleagues, and customers…But how to behave in communicating effectively. Showing culture in behavior is a “difficult” problem that many office workers wonder about. How to avoid embarrassing and rude situations when communicating at work? The following 10 “golden” rules will help you be more skillful and improve yourself.

1. Deal tactfully with superiors when communicating in the workplace

1. Deal tactfully with superiors when communicating in the workplace

Principles of behavior with superiors is a daily communication situation in the workplace. When presenting your point of view, you need to keep a calm and confident attitude to your superiors. In case, disagree with the boss or at work, the principle of communication is skillful, delicately giving suggestions.
If your opinion is not accepted, then you avoid causing discord, arguing with your boss. This affects your image in the eyes of your superiors and colleagues in the company.

To become a good employee, trusted by your boss, you should learn to speak frankly and clearly about your witness. Let’s build the spirit of both cooperation and development in work.

2. Respect colleagues

How to behave in communication with colleagues?
Colleagues are people you often interact with and cooperate with at work. Therefore, establishing a relationship based on respect is essential. Avoid the situation of seeing yourself as good, not finding a common voice at work.

Or you are too self-deprecating with yourself, your level compared to your colleagues. This makes you easily bored, the quality of work decreases.

3. Build relationships with subordinates

Subordinates are effective associates to help you complete all tasks assigned by superiors. Therefore, you need to create a trust to help them have energy and enthusiasm at work.
You inspire them anytime, anywhere. However, you also need to have strict rules for employees to complete their assigned work well. Since then, the working efficiency is increasing day by day.

4. Don’t turn yourself into an “office on”

In an office environment, you need to train yourself to always have your witness, not to be passive. You need to find out the position and the work to be done to avoid the situation of “doing what everyone says”. At the beginning of the week, you need to plan what to do and evaluate it at the end of the week.

5. Limit “chatting” too much in the workplace

5. Limit "chatting" too much in the workplace

8 hours working at the office, chatting is essential in free time. However, do not overdo them, do not let you lose points in front of your boss and colleagues. Don’t turn yourself into an office “gossip lady” while there’s a mountain of work to be done.

6. Avoid suggestions that are not professional

8 hours working at the office, you need to make optimal use of that time. Do not be too busy with your work or receive too many requests from colleagues. Therefore, you should refuse tactfully and tactfully. Knowing how to say “No” is also one of the most effective communication behaviors.

7. Show off your salary, usually

Most companies today are secure, fair with capacity, food received, and bonuses. In an office environment, you need to have appropriate communication skills. Bragging about your salary or bonus will make you less tactful and you can isolate yourself from everyone.

8. Slandering colleagues in the workplace

This is taboo in any company. If you are unhappy or upset with a co-worker, you should speak frankly. Do not speak ill or “sectarian” in the company. This is one of the behaviors in communication that absolutely should not be committed.

9. Culture of using the phone in the workplace

You should turn off the volume or turn on silent mode for your phone at every meeting or meeting with customers. It will be rude when you are working with your superiors, colleagues, or customers and the phone line keeps ringing loudly.

10. Actively listen

You should exude confidence through body language, eye contact, and face to be effective at work. Whether new or old, you must always support what you know is right. At the same time, the daily behavior between superiors, subordinates, and colleagues is most appropriate.

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